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  • A Teaching Career at Jiahui Education
    Life in the City of Dalian

    Founded in 2003, Jiahui Education is committed to the expansion of quality schools forming a complete continuum from kindergarten through high school, across multiple sites. Within the coming year, we will complete the construction of an advanced technology high school campus for 3000 students.

    Jiahui has been nationally recognized for student achievement, allowing it to cultivate associations with other international schools, top colleges, publishers, and academic institutions from around the world. Our international students receive a combination of Chinese and English instruction, uniting the rich traditions of eastern culture with the high standards of western academics.

    Our minimum requirements include at least 3 years of teaching in a content subject, a

    valid teaching credential, and English language abilities at a native level. We always welcome inquiries from outstanding educators who share our values and aspirations. For more information about a career in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, send your cover letter and a curriculum vitae summary to Careers@DLJHJY.CN

    Excerpts from Principal Wang Guangfa’s Welcome Speech

    . . . Since its establishment, Jiahui Education has always adhered to the educational philosophy of "building character, develop potential, with the mission of taking social responsibility, serving the country with high-quality education", insisting on cultivating people with morals, advocating cultural management, highlighting the construction of characteristics, and improving core literacy.

    . . . Jiahui’s students and teachers have built our reputation, making it a synonym for quality.

    . . . In the practice of running schools, Jiahui Education focuses on the construction of teaching resource.

    A highly educated team with high morals and professionalism, which explores education with enthusiasm and spreads knowledge with wisdom.

    . . . Jiahui Education is adhering to the school philosophy of "Chinese-oriented sentiment with an international vision", it continues to adhere to the goal of establishing high-quality quality education.

    . . . Today, with the advancement of the times and the emergence of a new international order, the standards for future economic, scientific and technological and personnel training will be higher, which brings a new mission for students to secure their future and arrive on the international stage.

    What Makes Our Schools a Special Place to Work?
    Beautiful, Spacious and Inspiring Campuses
    Gifted Students
    Individualized Educator Benefit Package

    In addition to a monthly salary, teachers may also be eligible for the following benefits in a generous personalized compensation plan. As each teacher’s needs vary, we customize the benefit packages to best serve their requirements. Possible benefits may include:

    "accommoDations allowance
    "flight allow
    "professional deve
    Lopment allowance
    "visa cost re
    "health insur
    "administrative duties allowa
    "dependent(s) benefits
    "additional credential earned/experience Allowance
    "free lunch during school days

    What Makes Dalian A Special Place to Live

    City Statistics

  • Population: 7 million
  • Dalian, a coastal city in Northeast China's Liaoning Province, is well known for its dynamic economy and growth potential
  • Situated in the south of the Liaodong Peninsula, the city is skirted by the Yellow Sea on the east and the Bohai Sea on the west
  • With petrochemicals, electronic information, shipbuilding, and machinery and equipment manufacturing as its pillar sectors, Dalian is at the forefront of industrial output among cities in Northeast China
  • Currently, 71 financial institutes have established operations in Dalian, one-third of them being foreign-invested institutes
  • The trade volume of soybean futures transacted at the Dalian Commodity Exchange is the highest in Asia and second highest in the world
  • Public Transportation: Two major train stations, trolley and subway lines, one international airport, and hundreds of bus routes & taxis. Dalian is just a 50-minute flight away from both Beijing and Seoul, Korea. The Dalian Zhoushuizi airport serves 76 domestic and 43 international routes, connecting with 84 cities in 15 countries
  • Language: Mandarin, local dialects
  • Climate: Ocean climate featuring four distinct seasons
  • What Makes Dalian Unique from Other Cities in Asia

  • Beaches
  • Binhai Road, a 22-mile stretch of coast, is a wonderful place to explore the city’s natural side with beaches on one side and majestic hills on the other
  • The city has 22 universities and colleges with a total of about 280,000 students and 32 research institutes of city-level and above, where 23 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering work.
  • Its proximity to Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, as well as Russia, makes Dalian an important link on the Euro-Asia continent bridge.
  • Dalian port currently has commercial connections with more than 300 ports in 160 countries and regions.
  • At least 70 percent of ocean shipments and 90 percent of overseas containers in Northeast China are shipped through Dalian ports.
  • (*Adapted from

    You would need around 15,972 ¥ in Dalian to maintain the same standard of life as 25,000 ¥ in Shanghai.

    (Source: Retrieved 02/15/2020.)

    You would need around 15,532 ¥ in Dalian to maintain the same standard of life as 22,000 ¥ in Beijing.

    Annual average PM2.5 level (micrograms per cubic meter)
    Average of the maximum daily PM2.5 level (micrograms per cubic meter)

    (Source: Retrieved 02/15/2020.)

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