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  • Jiahui Novi Valley Kindergarten
    Introduction of Dalian Jiahui Preschool Education

    Dalian Jiahui Preschool Education was established in 2010. With the help of the mature education management mode of Dalian Jiahui Education Group, it has integrated more than two decades of successful experience in the international education of Beijing Royal School. Dalian Jiahui Preschool Education, based on the innovative education research results at home and abroad, adheres to its core principle“to provide a happy childhood for children”by creating a professional, high-end and cutting-edge Jiahui preschool curriculum system. Dalian Jiahui Preschool Education focuses on three major goals of the preschool education such as the health and happiness, the active thinking and the international vision.
    Currently, Jiahui Preschool Education has 5 kindergartens such as Jiahui Sunshine Kindergarten, Jiahui No. 3 Middle School Preschool, Jiahui Zhuopu Kindergarten, Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Kindergarten and Jiahui Novi Valley Kindergarten. With its 258 teachers and 1218 children at schools, Jiahui Preschool Education has become a flagship of the professional, collectivization and international development in the knidergarten education industry of Dalian.
    High-quality teachers are one of the most important factors to guarantee the quality of knidergartens. Good personnel mechanism and knidergarten culture make it possible for all kindergartens to have a high-quality faculty team with a high standard. The education research team is headed by postgraduates in University of California and composed of experts and scholars graduated from famous universities at home and abroad. There are 14 full-time foreign teachers in the teach team, all of whom have acquired TEFL certifications. They all have rich education experience in both foreign countries and China. Teachers with Chinese nationalities all have bachelor’s degree or above and hold teacher’s certificates.
    Dalian Jiahui Preschool Education, as a leading brand in the preschool education of northeast region, has always committed itself to creating the Chinese traditional culture oriented international preschool education. It aims to establish a high-end, quality and modern preschool education highland with Chinese-oriented sentiment and global perspective. We are always striving for it.

    Introduction of Kindergarten

    Dalian Jiahui Novi Valley Kindergarten was founded in 2016. It was affiliated to Jiahui Education in 2019. The kindergarten is located at Novi Valley Residential Community, Xinbobeiyuan, Ecological and Technological Innovation Center, Ganjingzi District of Dalian City. It is a high-end bilingual kindergarten built by Jiahui Education Group. The kindergarten covers an area of 2500 m2, and its floor area is 2000m2. The kindergarten has 8 classes including nursery class, small, medium and large classes, and three class types such

    as classical class, bilingual class and international class for children at the age of 2 to 6.The kindergarten has a beautiful environment. There are many functional indoor classrooms for special purpose which can provide a spacious, comfortable and high-end activity room for children. The kindergarten takes the forest as its outdoor themed background. The synthetic athletics track, climbing area, large toys, sand and water area and planting area are all built outdoor in order to provide a high-quality outdoor environment for children to exercise their bodies and play happily.

    Education Advantages

    Jiahui Novi Valley Kindergarten, based on its principle of “rooted in China and global concentration”, commits itself to carrying forward traditional Chinese culture and cultivating China’s “small citizens” with international vision. The kindergarten has integrated eastern and western classical education essences and opened diversified course system, which is based on the sinology course. Courses such as “reading sinology, inheriting tradition and seeing the world” help children to understand Chinese excellent traditional culture deeply. English listening and speaking exercises are run through the immersion foreign language environment can improve children’s English language sense and English thinking ability. Under the environment where children can play when they are learning and join in activities happily, it can lay a foundation for building up children’s good characters and noble personalities.30 full-time teachers in the kindergarten all have bachelor’s degree or above and majored in preschool education. The kindergarten also has 4 full-time teachers including foreign teachers, English

    teacher and physical education teacher. Besides, the kindergarten has also employed professionals such as nutritionist and health care practitioner for the purpose of children’s healthy growing. The beautiful and comfortable environment full of children’s simplicity is children’s favorite place. The spacious, comfortable and safe learning and activity space as well as the environment design based on traditional Chinese culture provide a diversified space for children to do and experience by themselves. In addition, green and healthy food materials, scientifically reasonable nutritional diet, safe and comfortable school bus with high quality provide the most powerful protection and guarantee for Children’s lives and study.

    Important Honors
    Demonstration Education Kindergarten on Food Education
    Food Education Oriented Kindergarten and Nutrition Diet Kindergarten
    AAAA Class Unit Evaluated by Social Organizations
    Featured Course System

    AAAA Class Unit Evaluated by Social Organizations
    Special Activity Courses: picture book reading in both Chinese and English, learning foreign language happily, delicious food education course, Orff music, African drum, ukulele, physical fitness, balance car, creative fine arts, basic Chinese painting, classical sinology, allegro, table tennis

    Survey and Practice Course: social practice, roller blading
    Bridging and Transition Course: literacy course from kindergarten to primary school, typical English, mathematical enlightenment

    Science Exploration Course: robot programming, STEAM course, almighty craftsman
    Themed Activities Courses: safety education, festival education, interaction between parents and children, parents class

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