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  • Dalian Royal School
    School Introduction

    Dalian Royal School was jointly founded by Dalian Jiahui Education Group and Beijing Royal School. The campus covers an area of 41,000 square meters, with 56,000 square meters of floor space. The school’s total investment was 383 million yuan.

    DRS offers students the choice of an elite national curriculum or an international program. The school has adopted a philosophy of Chinese humanistic spirit and international elite standards. It makes full use of the advantages of an experimental base for fundamental curricular reform from the Ministry of education and promotes the development of high-end quality education in China. Simultaneously, the international education

    of Beijing Royal School and the resources of Cambridge Assessment International are introduced to fully integrate DRS with the world's most advanced educational systems. In this way, the school strives to cultivate elite leaders with global perspectives and international competitiveness.

    DRS enjoys the benefits of curricular, pedagogical and international exchange resources from Beijing Royal School and Royal schools around the country. It incorporates BRS’s 23 years of experience in international education as well as the management experience of 20 other schools, building a global campus and giving students more educational options and opportunities. DRS helps students grow together with the world.

    DRS Advantages

    The school is equipped with various learning facilities for diverse extra courses such as arts and sports, stem, model aircraft, robots, makers, satellite classrooms, etc. The student-centered concept provides a healthy growth environment for students. We advocate elite education through practice in the global platform, in order to develop students into global leaders. Teachers of national curriculum class are all prominent teachers from key public high schools, including national super teachers, national model, excellent teachers at the municipal level, backbone teachers and academic leaders. Overseas courses adopt 4:4:2 ratio for teacher employment, which includes 40% foreign teachers, 40% returnees, and 20% bilingual Chinese teachers. All teachers enjoy the teacher training resources of Harvard University and Cambridge University. From the moment that the students enter the school, the school will establish a comprehensive student file, assigning each student with a tutor

    who is responsible for university application guidance, on the purpose of accurately understanding the students' character, advantages and future career planning. Through the test of students' ability and fluid intelligence, we can understand students; through career planning model, we provide "one-to-one" university application guidance; through customizing salons for students and their parents, we offer the most suitable application strategy. Our overseas study center has established a good cooperative relationship with overseas famous universities. In addition, various interchange activities help students deepen their understanding of overseas famous universities, and clarify their orientation for further study, making sufficient preparations for future universities application.

    Featured Courses
    National Curriculum

    Core Curriculum
    Etiquette, Tea art
    Subject Competition
    Business Management
    Calligraphy, Vocal Music
    Introduction to Famous Works, Chinese Studies
    Martial Arts, Physical Training, Table tennis, Golf

    Overseas courses

    AIM Training Objectives:
    Leader Elite,Good at Reflection,Dare to Explore
    Global Citizen,Good at Communication,Take Responsibilities
    AIM Curriculum Framework:
    Academic Courses,Inspiring Courses,Growth Course

    Main Honors

    Undertaking conference “International School Establishment And Principal Leadership Training”
    Experimental base of basic education curriculum reform of the Ministry of Education
    The first Cambridge English test center in Dalian

    Cambridge University Examination Center for entrance examination (center code: cn672)
    Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) test site
    2019 International Education and Cultural Exchange Ceremony

    Participating schools of the 12th International Annual Meeting of the world curriculum Convention
    Cambridge Course Center and Examination Center (center code: cn608)
    The Third New convergence international education summit forum

  • Contact Information
  • Address: No.91, Hongchuan East Road, high tech Zone, Dalian
  • Tel:0411-86182058
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