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  • Gather the beauty of home

  • Gather the beauty of home ------ Jiahui Zhuopu kindergarten middle class half day open & parents feeding activities documentary

    Autumn wind rustling, nature has gradually presented a bleak scene, but we ushered in a beautiful invitation in this autumn. This beautiful process, be sure to invite mom, dad, grandpa and grandma to experience together. Today, let us big friends follow the footsteps of children, wake up the perception of sleep, cohesion of the beautiful home.

    Aesthetic education is a comprehensive course, and orff music is undoubtedly the most expressive carrier in aesthetic education. In orff's music classes, music is no longer just melody and rhythm, but is associated with children's rhymes, rhythm, dance, dramatic performance and even visual arts such as painting and sculpture. Children have entered the rich world of art, listening to and feeling different music and art.

    Our humorous and interesting professional foreign teachers, always through a way that children like to hear and see, with games as the carrier, infiltration of English learning. When the child enters the immersion language environment, the spoken language is improving, the listening is gradually strengthened, the vocabulary is accumulating, the English habit is constantly formed.

    Based on <> and <>, we set up curriculum objectives and curriculum system to create classic curriculum. We take children's cognitive development characteristic and the children's own life as the source, choose familiar, interested in children, with the theme of education value as study object, the math, life, art, and language learning content of organically integrated together, in the game as the carrier, children around the world through in-depth observation, active exploration, independent experience, try and practice activities, promote their all-round development.

    "Points and vertical strokes call for thousands of troops and horses, the pool of calligraphy and history", Chinese character is a history teacher can not speak, we through the vivid and interesting game, lead children swimming in the kingdom of Chinese characters. To interpret the language of Chinese characters , to listen to the story of Chinese characters in the back, to taste the character of Chinese characters between cross and vertical, and to constantly acquire the language in the dialogue with Chinese characters, and to continuously plant the seed of patriotism, will be the proud sublimation of the Chinese .

    Scientific diet nutrition is of great significance to children's healthy growth. Diet nutrition education is an important part of children's health education. As the liaoning province dietitian association demonstration and catering kindergarten, this is not only the importance of the children's diet, but also the commitment of the parents, then outside the kindergarten, how to scientifically continue the diet of parents and education? At the invitation of the director, the group nutritionist in the Open Day, again came to Zhuopu kindergarten, dialogue with parents.

    Put on the chef's hat, put on the chef's clothes, big friends follow the nutritionist to practice food education, experience and experience the daily food education class of our children. Table scale, measuring cup, food materials, ingredients, oven, frying pan, all available; Drawing materials, weighing, stirring, frying, listening and practice, division of labor and cooperation, Fried in the kitchen is beautiful, delicious food is the comfort of the heart. Small round cake of potato, meat and shell is matched with flower-shaped carrot, with perfect color and taste. Feeding and breeding are born for love and beautiful for love.

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