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  • Unforgettable Summer Camp Life

  • Unforgettable Summer Camp Life----2018 Jiahui Busche Academy Graduation Ceremony

    Today, the auditorium of Jiahui Busche Academy was very prosperous. the decoration of American elements and the enthusiastic smiles of all teachers and students could be seen everywhere. Today’s Busche auditorium was full of friends, including Ms. Pan Jun, president of Beijing Fazheng Group, Wang Lei, President of Busche Academy, Jill A. Hartman, Director of International Student Programs Educational Advisor, college students leaders, and local governmental officers and police representatives.

    The graduation ceremony was hosted by Jill, the teaching director of Jiahui Busche Academy. She first introduced the guests who attended the ceremony, then briefly introduced the various procedures of the graduation ceremony. Finally, she hoped that each guest teacher and student who participated in the ceremony had an unforgettable morning.

    At the graduation ceremony, Ms. Pan, President of Fazheng Group, delivered a speech. President Pan introduced the century plan of Beijing Fazheng Group and the concept of education first. As a pioneer in industrial transformation, the Group's education sector leads the country. The Royal schools are everywhere, blossom domestically and abroad; K12 integrated education system covers all international courses, with distance education satellite broadband; international cooperation online and offline returnees have a high starting point, college application guidance and career planning have a tight connection between domestic and oversea situations. At the same time, President Pan introduced to the guests Royal School’s future plans for Busche Academy, which is trying our best to build a high-standard science and technology education campus, to serve Royal School's global development strategy. The Group will continue to deploy industrial structure adjustment with advanced strategic ideas, lead the industry development trend with a deep international vision, achieve the upgrade with a pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit, and fulfill the grand blueprint of a century-old brand. In the end, Mr. Pan wished the journey in Busche Academy can become everyone’s happy memory of life.

    Mr Dong, the principal of Jiahui Sunshine Primary School, on behalf of Zhang Xiaomin, the principal of Dalian Jiahui Oak Foreign language School, and the teachers and students who participated in the summer camp of 2018 Jiahui Busche Academy, gave sincere gratitude to the Chester City governmental department’s support to Busche Academy, American and Chinese teachers’ efforts to Busche summer camp. Mr Dong also gave warm congratulations to the students who successfully completed all the courses of the Busche summer camp.

    The four student representatives used fluent English speeches to show Busche’s feelings to all the guests, teachers and students from different angles, and won applause from the guests, teachers and students.

    The Chinese teachers even made short videos of the wonderful moments in Busche’s life. During the playback of the videos, the students quietly felt and thought back about it.

    At the graduation ceremony, the outstanding students in the teaching area, outstanding pacesetters in the accommodation area, honorary individuals with mutual help, and all students of other aspects were evaluated. The guests presented awards to the students.

    The graduation drama organized by the American teacher team, represented by Riana, started then.

    In the play, each child was the protagonist. Teachers and students interacted on and off the stage. The English display content was rich and colorful, including recite, sing, preach and other s. The children's confident performance and fluent spoken expression impressed the guests.

    The gift-giving part between Chinese and American teachers is an affirmation of the happy cooperation and goals achieved by both sides.

    During the part of granting graduation certificate, the teaching director Jill and the principal Dong presented a graduation certificate, signed by Wang Lei, President of Busche Academy, Jill Bush, the teaching director of Busche Academy, and the American teachers, to graduates of the 2018 Jiahui Busche Academy. They gave the blessing of the school to every graduate. The 2018 Jiahui Busche Summer Camp ended successfully.

    Dear students, when the busy city is hustle and bustle, will this campus under your feet become the most true memory of your starlight? No matter how many years have passed, no matter where in the world you become, as long as you come back, you will always find your initial courage, initial sweat, initial vision and longing here! This is Busche Alma Mater, with mother-like feelings, treasure all your original innocence and wishes for you! In the future, there will be a wider world for you to gallop, a brighter future for you to create. May you be proactive, optimistic, and knowledgeable, and pursue the synchronous excellence of character and knowledge.

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