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  • Pajamas Day & Stories Reading

  • Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language Primary School always implements the international education concept, and it can be in line with international standards in daily teaching and extracurricular activities. While implementing the international education concept, the school pays attention to kid’s interest and holds a variety of activities that are suitable for students' ages and benefit students. The children can truly feel and learn the purest European and American culture, which is also the embodiment of the core literacy concept.

    "Pajamas Day?" For Chinese children, it is really a new thing. But in America, especially the days around Christmas, it is very popular for kids. In the cold winter, it is a challenge for children in kindergartens and elementary schools to get up early to school. So Pajamas Day is an activity to solve the problem. All children wear their most beautiful pajamas to school, just like study at home. Children relax and get rid of bad emotions, so that children will feel it can be so fun and so happy to go to school in the cold winter.

    As winter approached, Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language Primary School held a very interesting pajama day event. The activities brought a very happy day for the children and they really enjoyed it.

    After a long time of preparation by foreign teachers and Chinese English teachers, they gave a perfect combination of pajamas day and stories. From which the students can learn and have fun. No matter it was the music or the story type, the teachers take into consideration of children’s interest as much as possible to help them benefit from this activity.

    Foreign teachers prepared the costumes and props carefully and told stories to the children vividly. They listen to the stories in the classrooms, on the playground, sitting in the chair or lying on the lawn, the kids learn happily and comfortably. In this way, the children can experience the authentic British and American culture. Meanwhile, The Chinese teacher also integrates picture book teaching into their own classrooms, and strives to create more opportunities for children to learn English and to understand British and American culture.

    Wearing pajamas, sharing story books and dolls they brought with them, talking and playing with their peers, playing funny games like “pillow fight”, the school is indeed a “home-like” place where the children can feel the love and peaceful as a family.

    With many relaxing and enjoyable activities;
    With endless and funny games;
    In this warm and childlike school;
    Do you think it will be cold during the winter?


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