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  • A birthday is a small child’s footprint on the road of growing up

  • A birthday is a small child’s footprint on the road of growing up. After each birthday, children will experience new changes. We at Jia-Hui Oak Foriegn Language Kindergarten seek to forge good memories and warm feelings on our children’s birthdays, surrounded by friends, in this monthly time of gathering. Our collective monthly birthday celebrations let each child feel special and embraced by our community as they take another step in their walk of life.

    Today’s theme is happiness. Happiness is a child’s sweet smile. Each birthday is a very meaningful moment for a child, a deep imprint on their heart.

    Today, the children of Jia-Hui Oak Foreign Language Kindergarten celebrate their birthdays with melodious songs and cheerful dances. The children are generous, innocent and lovely. They prepared their costumes and props themselves for their performances. Wonderful songs ring in our ears, happy dances grace our eyes. The excellent performance of the children, won a burst of applause from the audience of students and teachers.

    Dear children, do you know? You are growing up in the sunshine of love. Let mother show you kindness, let father build you strong minds. Let the teachers give you knowledge. Let the world be your friend. Let love be your wings. Jia-Hui babies grow up healthy and happily!

    Teachers and children gather together singing the birthday song, blowing out the birthday candles, and sharing the birthday cake. The joyous sounds of singing and laughter fill the whole birthday venue. The collective birthday party lets children feel the education of love and the warmth of the kindergarten family. It teaches them to bless, to love, and to share. Let all children feel the happiness of love and being loved. Grow up in the midst of love!


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